This “Secret System” Is Giving Children With CP An Upgraded Home, A New Wheelchair Accessible Van And Private Nursing Care… All For Free…

“Why can't we get this type of information from our treatment teams? I've never gotten one bit of this information ... from anyone at my hospital, and God knows I've asked.” ~ Laura D. Illinois


Dear Mom,

It’s true…

hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy - HIE baby

American Moms who have children with CP (Cerebral Palsy) are receiving Millions of Dollars right now. Money that could help give your child everything they will ever need.

Right now…

And for the rest of their life.

Moms like…

  • $15 Million Dollars was given to the family of a 6-year-old Chicago girl
  • $14.5 Million Dollars was sent to a couple in Pennsylvania because of their child’s brain damage
  • $53 Million Dollars was handed to a 12-year-old Hickory Hills boy and his mother

And by the way…

The way you’ll get the money is 100% legal. And you don’t have to spend the money you receive on treatments. You can spend it on whatever you like.

Now I know that insurance covers a lot of your child’s basic needs…

But it’s what insurance doesn’t cover that makes all the difference. Things like…

  • Upgrading or buying a new house and making it wheelchair accessible and adding lifts…
  • Buying a new wheelchair accessible van (every 5 years!) and paying for extra transport costs…
  • Paying for extra treatments and therapies on top of what your insurance is already giving them…

And it gets better…

Your child will grow up and become an adult one day.

And they might need extra care for their entire life.

But smart moms like you now have all the extras covered for their children for the rest of their lives.

Everything your child could possibly need now… and in the future…

Even after you have passed away and they are a grown adult…

Your Family May Be Given All Of This For FREE

Things like…

Toys and Equipment

  • Adaptive/Educational Toys
  • Assistive devices
  • Exercise routines
  • Diapers
  • Maximize communication skills
  • Adjustable bench
  • Rifton gait trainer
  • Long sitter (Jenx Ladybug and Turtle)
  • Power Patient Lift
  • Communication devices – replaced every 4-6 years (price: $2,450-$3,000)

Prescription medications

  • As prescribed by doctor (covers all)

Hospital Services

Pathology Lab Studies
Diagnostic X-Rays

Nursing care

Private skilled nursing care

Respite Care

  • Respite care – allows parents to be away from home one evening a week AND one weekend per month for 48

Housekeeper and Maid service

Play Therapy

Family Counseling

Educational Tutor

Food and Supplies

  • Enteral Feeding Pump with backpack carrying case
  • Enteral Feeding Supplies


  • Kid Kart Pediatric Wheelchair
  • Custom Manual wheelchair
  • Shower Commode wheelchair
  • Custom Power Chair with seating system and
  • Portable wheelchair ramps
  • Wheelchair Cushions


  • Adaptive Van with Wheelchair Lift (new one every 5 years)


  • Ankle foot orthoses
  • Resting hand splints
  • Hip Orthosis
  • Therapy Mat
  • Therapy Balls


  • Adapted clothing


  • Power homecare adjustable twin bed (new one every 5-7 years)

House Upgrades

  • $100,000 worth

And of course…

Help from Professionals

  • Physical therapy
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Dietitian
  • Educator
  • Dentist
  • Pediatric Radiologist
  • Audiologist
  • Pediatrician /Internist
  • Neurologist
  • Nephrology
  • Orthopedic Doctor
  • Pediatric Surgeon
  • Opthamologist
  • Gastroenterologist

Imagine what it would mean to your family when you know that every… single… little… thing… is going to be covered.

Even the little things. The things that would make life for everyone just that little bit easier. Things that would make the day-to-day tasks a breeze

You could finally take your family to Disney World…

You could get the best power wheelchair on the market, private nursing care, a van designed for transporting your child… that gets upgraded every 5 years…

You’ll be able to fit all the groceries in the car as well as their wheelchair…

And most importantly… you’ll be able to give them their independence… and ensure they will have everything they need even when you’re gone…

But how do you get all this for your child?

If your child has CP, or you know someone who does… you should apply for this extra money right away.

I’ll show you how to do exactly that in just a second…

First I think it’s important for you to know why this help is available…

Mistakes Happen… And Your Child May Have Paid The Price…

CP sends your world spinning out of control…

Doctors and nurses are only human. They can make mistakes.

And sometimes those mistakes can affect the rest of your baby’s life.

Most of the time things go perfectly.

But sometimes, things go wrong

And you end up spending the first few days crouched over your child’s bed with tubes, wires and machines.

And you get some news that you really don’t want to hear…

Your little one has CP… And may never live a “normal” life.

They will never have sleepovers…

Never built little forts out of bed sheets…

They will spend their afternoons after a painful day at school only to endure even more painful physical therapy sessions.

And it may be because someone made a“mistake” that you and your child will pay have to pay for.  A mistake that can change your child’s entire life.

It’s when these mistakes happen that…

The Doctor’s Insurance Company May Pay For All Your Child’s Needs… Even When They’re An Adult…

“But I don’t want to sue my doctor” you say…

Don’t worry. You see…

Doctors carry malpractice insurance. It pays when they make a mistake. Your doctor is not paying for these costs out of their own pocket.

Their insurance company pays.

And they have more than enough money to pay it.

According to, the largest medical malpractice insurance company is worth over $1 Billion Dollars.

So don’t feel bad.

The whole reason these insurance companies exist is for mistakes like the one that may have happened to your child.

How Much Could Your Family Receive?

As with most things in life… it depends…

There is no way I could know for sure how much the insurance companies could pay your family.

But what I can tell you is that the average amount paid to families like yours where your child has a neurological birth injury is just over $1.03 million dollars.

And just last year…

  • 2017, Florida: $3,075,000 Paid. The mother is admitted to the hospital in order to induce labor. After being admitted, there is a spontaneous rupture of membranes and the fetal monitor showed an abnormal heartbeat. A vacuum is used to assist in the delivery. After the baby was delivered there was a delay in calling the NICU team. The baby was later diagnosed with anoxic seizures and cerebral palsy (CP). The baby also suffered from spastic cerebral palsy. $3,075,000 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Pennsylvania: $41,651,966 Paid. The mother was 40 weeks pregnant and admitted to the hospital. The doctor used forceps on two different occasions to assist in the delivery of the baby. After the delivery, a CT scan revealed that the baby had two skull fractures. The baby suffered a cerebellar hemorrhage, post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus, and seizures which would require lifelong care, wheelchair use, and other accommodations. $41,651,966 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Florida: $33,813,495 Paid. The mother is admitted to hospital after her water has broken. The doctor used a vacuum to assist in the delivery because the fetal monitoring strips showed decelerations of the heartbeat. Because of the prolonged use of the vacuum, there was decreased blood flow to the baby’s brain. A large subgaleal hematoma developed. These developments caused the baby to suffer cerebral palsy (CP) causing permanent brain damage. $33,813,495 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Florida: $5,000,000 Paid. The mother is admitted to hospital after labor and contractions begin. The doctor noted to monitor the mother closely because of decelerations (abnormal heartbeat) and recommended that a C-section might be necessary. However, the mother was not checked again for ninety minutes. The baby was delivered vaginally and diagnosed with several birth-related injuries, including cerebral palsy (CP). $5,000,000 paid to this family.
    2017, New York: $4,098,267 Paid. The mother went to the hospital stating that she could no longer feel the fetus moving. Two doctors performed a profile of the fetus to monitor the heartbeat. One doctor found non-reassuring results and the other doctor stated that the fetus was safe. Mom was soon discharged. The next day after the mother consulted her obstetrician, a C-section was performed and the baby was delivered. The baby suffered a birth injury which lead to cerebral palsy. $4,098,267 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Pennsylvania: $14,500,000 Paid.The mom was in labor and went to the hospital when contractions started. After an evaluation by the doctor, the mother was sent home and told to return after contractions were stronger. Mom returned after four hours. The baby was delivered after complications and was transported to a second hospital. The baby suffered from severe spastic cerebral palsy. $14,500,000 paid to this family.
    2017, Illinois: $2,000,000 Paid. The mother is admitted to the hospital for induction of delivery. During the delivery, the doctor performed a mid pelvic vacuum extraction to deliver the baby’s head. After the delivery, it was found that there was no movement in the baby’s upper right extremity and he was diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury. $2,000,000 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Illinois: $2,600,000 Paid. A 32-year-old mom is admitted to hospital for the delivery of her third child. Although she had a previous C-section, she was attempting a vaginal birth. During labor, the fetal heart monitor began showing an abnormal heartbeat. The heart rate continued to show signs of distress for over two hours until an emergency C-section was performed. The baby suffered hypoxia, which resulted in cerebral palsy. $2,600,000 paid to this family.
  • 2017, Florida: $290,000 Paid. The mother is admitted to hospital while seven months pregnant. Labor is induced because of the mother’s gestational diabetes. During the delivery, the nurse midwife used a McRoberts maneuver and Wood’s screw maneuver due to shoulder dystocia. After the delivery, the baby was diagnosed with a left brachial plexus injury. $290,000 paid to this family.
  • 2017, California: $8,500,000 Paid. The mother is admitted to the hospital for the delivery of her baby. During the delivery, the baby was deprived of oxygen, which resulted in a severe brain injury. $8,500,000 paid to this family.

How To Apply

There are 5 steps:

  1. Click the button below and fill out the form to apply. This only takes 30 seconds and costs you nothing. It’s free.
  2. Talk to Hollie, our registered nurse. She has been delivering babies for 14 years and knows what is supposed to happen during a delivery. She will ask you a few simple questions about what happened at your child’s birth. This nurse review costs you nothing. It’s free.
  3. Your medical records will be reviewed by a birth injury attorney. Our expert doctors may also do a review to determine what went wrong. This review costs you nothing. It’s free.
  4. If they think your child’s CP was caused by a doctors mistake or someone in the hospital then a case is filed. This costs you nothing. The attorney fronts all costs. It’s free.
  5. If your case is successful, your family is paid by the doctor’s insurance company to provide a Life Care Plan. Your child’s life is changed forever. They receive everything they will ever need for their whole life. Even after you have passed away.


I want you to know that not all CP cases are caused by a mistake. So your child may or may not have a case.

But if you are a responsible parent and you love your child…

Then you should spend a few minutes on the phone to see if you can change their life (and yours) forever.




This is life changing money.

It could pay for…

  • Medical Expenses… for the rest of their life…
  • Help From Professionals… for the rest of their life…
  • Therapy Equipment… for the rest of their life…
  • Prescription Medications… for the rest of their life…
  • Nursing Care… for the rest of their life…
  • Respite Care… for the rest of their life…
  • Food, Clothing and Supplies… for the rest of their life…
  • Housekeeping… for the rest of their life…
  • Wheelchairs and Lifts… for the rest of their life…
  • Family Counseling… for the rest of their life…
  • Education and Tutors… for the rest of their life…
  • A New Wheelchair Van Every 5 Years… for the rest of their life…
  • Housing Upgrades… for up to $100,000.00 or more

You owe it to your child to give them this chance.

It’s a gift from God.

A Prayer answered.

Do the responsible thing and click the button below now. It only takes 30 seconds to apply and is completely free.