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Cerebral Palsy Home is dedicated to providing helpful information about cerebral palsy.

We publish news relevant to parents who have children with cerebral palsy.

We have a registered nurse (Hollie) on staff and we are ready to help answer any questions you may have.

Not sure what may have caused your child’s birth injury? Want to find out if there is financial compensation available for your child? Call 1 (888) 958-4859 to find out.

According to “Childhood Symptoms” by Edward R. Brace, John P. Pacanowski and Ed Weiner – 1992; there are 7 babies injured at birth per 1,000 births. Based on this information, 28,000 per year are born with a birth injury, which is 2,333 per month, 538 per week, 76 per day, and 3 per hour.